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Reincarnation comes around full circle

Yee haw! It’s time to “recycle” this post. Now with more video goodness. Watch the clip as fast as you can before YouTube reincarnates it. Let’s ride.

Shouts from the Abyss

ReincarnationRecently I spent some time pondering the idea that we might choose our own parents.

That led me to consider the concept of reincarnation.

The exploration of which led me to a surprising destination which, I had to laugh, because it didn’t surprise me too much. Let’s just say that my curiosity led me full circle to a satisfying conclusion. If you ponder very carefully, you might even find a humble connection back to this very blog. Prepare to open your mind to great mysteries and wonder!

So, for advanced Abyss studies, I will link you to a bit of cowboy poetry. (I’m not republishing the content here on my blog out of respect for the author’s copyright.) I urge you to read the entire poem (it’s not that long) and then consider what you have learned about reincarnation and my blog.

by Wallace McRae

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