Positive Feedback

positive-feedbackIt’s not every day when the universe provides something like this. So I thought I would share.

“Unicorn” is the codename I’ve given to one of the technical people who came on board after I quit. She’s been working on my stuff.

To: Tom B. Taker
CC: Former Boss
From: Unicorn
Subject: Kudos

Hi Tom,

I just wanted to take a moment to give you some positive feedback on the scripts you created to manage vendor/product information.

Your extensive, clean documentation, stable code, and useful logging / script echos has made this transition run much more smoothly than I have experienced in other small businesses. Well done.

Warm Regards,

Note the date and time in the ship’s log. I’m speechless. I have nothing negative to add.

10 responses

  1. But will the boss ever come out and say you were the “perl” in his business “oyster?” I think not.

    I write this only because I couldn’t let the day go by without sending a little negativity your way.

    You’re welcome.


    1. LOL! Perl. I loves me some Perl. I’m surprised you even know what that is. Wow.

      You found the perfect way to re-introduce negativity. You are indeed a true friend.

      Two weeks ago I received this email from the former boss. As you can see he’s just as awkward in print as he is in person:

      Subject: Status Report


      How are you doing?

      I have hired two people to try and fill your shoes – and I am not satisfied.

      I miss you. You were a good hard worker, reliable and competent.

      I would appreciate your advice. Can we talk? Or do you prefer email?

      Croc-Wearing Boss

      Why the fuck would you give an email like this a subject of “Status Report?” Once a boss always a boss.


      1. *snort* You know how to pick ’em.

        I’d advise him any future correspondence and requests for advice will come with an invoice payable immediately. You’ll never hear from him again.


  2. On the other hand, you may get to hear about Unicorn getting slowly sucked into the morass and being destroyed by it.
    That would reinforce your world-view…


    1. I like the kid. I’d hate to see anything bad happen to her. Like working for my old boss. Oh shit. Too late.

      Literally everything I see reinforces my worldview. Right now I’m looking at a mirror.


  3. You may be ready to be beamed up.


    1. I already volunteered for the one-way mission to Mars. What more can I do?


      1. Europa is the real suicide mission.


  4. Wait. Where’s the bitter, angry part where someone’s an asshole?


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