Hyppo and Critter: No Grok Here

Hyppo and Critter

5 responses

  1. Hey, while we’re on the subject, can we just revoke Denis Rodman’s visa so he can’t come back from North Korea?


    1. That’s creative. You have given me an idea. I think we should pull citizenship from people based on criteria like different political party and such. Even if they are natural born U.S. citizens. Why should those bastards enjoy as much as the right to die here? That’s far too generous. Let ’em do it on someone else’s soil.


      1. I don’t care where I die, but after, I want them to dress me in a Superman costume and throw me out of a plane!



  2. Whenever I see “embargo” I think…I want a drink. “Em.” “Bar?” “Go!”


    1. That’s what Hyppo is going to keep Critter out of! Dammit.


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