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Birds of a Feather

Today’s Saturday Reblog comes to us from a new online publication known as “The Nudge Wink Report.” You should check it out! 😉

nudge. wink. report.

musketeersIt was the chest of times, it was the worst of times. But mostly it was the chest.

If you enjoyed the thrust of that crack you have come to the right place.

Anthony Weiner (D), Eliot Spitzer (D), Bob Filner (D), and Jeff Cogen (D): What do they have in common?

Even if you don’t know Jeff, you can still play along. He’s local and I’ll reveal him in a bit.

Hint: The “D” for Democrat after their names is not what we’re looking for here. That’s just a creepy coincidence. I’m sure Republicans have their share of mojo, too.

Yes, they are all men. They are all politicians. Those are mere coincidences. To find the true answer, we must go deeper. You may want a hazmat suit for this.

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