Hyppo and Critter: Where There’s A Will

Hyppo and critter

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    1. Thanks! I appreciate the comment.


  1. Absent in both MIND and body.


    1. Ha! You got it!

      The thing that gets me is that, for months, the dude spewed about having more “work” to do and that he had been hired by the people. He used this as justification for not resigning even in the face of overwhelming condemnation and the fact that his ability to do his job was utterly gutted.

      Let’s see. Do we want to continue to retain your services? Let’s do an evaluation, shall we? What have you accomplished so far? Ah, yes. You couched one of your governmental employees and then had a hand in getting her promoted into the department you directly supervise. Come to think of it, a baboon’s ass could do your job at least as well and he’d literally work for peanuts.

      And then, after months of talking about how the gears of government would stop turning without him, the dude gives 10 days of notice (why not resign immediately?) and is a mysterious “no show” at his final meeting.

      Disgusting gutless yellow turd.


  2. Sadly, I’m surprised stuff like that even makes the news anymore since it’s so common.


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