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  1. It’s by reading your posts that I’ve discovered there are varying levels of stupid.


    1. Yeah, like the detectives won’t be able to crack this case. “Let’s throw the Facebook at ‘im.”

      If only he hadn’t left clues behind like bragging about it online. D’oh.

      I think pleading “not guilty” should be outlawed if everyone knows you did it. To that end, this post is dedicated to the guy who blew up his dog.

      Not guilty??? I’ll see you in Hell.


    1. LOL!!! You switching it up and going defense attorney in your spare time now?


      1. gone to the dark side


  2. I actually discovered through my stepson’s numerous court cases that the public defender always has everyone plead “not guilty” so they can plea bargain later. I hate it when they plead “not guilty” as well especially when they are dumbshits. Pisses me off all day long…..

    Nice comic by the way!


    1. The “not guilty” pleas infuriate me! But yeah, I get the strategy. A sad state of affairs. 😦

      Thanks for the compliment! It’s so damn artistic it’s hard to believe I actually made it myself. 🙂


      1. You’d think after all these years of “Law & Order” I’d be better prepared to face the court system. Oh well…


  3. Is there a “I wasn’t framed, I was PHOTOSHOPPED” defense?


    1. Amazingly even those with their hands still in the cookie jar decry their innocence. We live in a world without honor and logic.


  4. Stupid is as stupid does, ma’am. I mean, your Honor.


    1. My artistic skills on the judge seem to have gone unappreciated. That’s not a woman. It’s one of those white judge wigs. Anyone who missed that detail obviously failed to properly appreciate this work of art.


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