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astroThis is day eight of The Dog Days of Summer, a Blogdramedy writing challenge. If you came here looking for quality content you are decidedly barking up the wrong tree. -Ed.

Tom B. Taker

Saying, “Here you go, buddy, good boy!” George made a toss to Astro. Without thinking the dog jumped, performed a midair catch and secreted it in his death grip.

“Rut is it?” he asked, his ability to speak temporarily compromised.

“It’s a bone!”

He nodded as if understanding then something instinctual kicked in. Although delicious, he was filled with an unbidden urge. Bury it.

He pawed at the floor but scampered outside after a dirty look from Rosie.

Bury it! But where? The unbidden thought returned: In the ground.

He looked around as the sidewalk moved him along. Buildings and streets gleamed in every direction.

Too bad dirt was extinct.

Blogdramedy’s The Dog Days of Summer writing challenge commands victims participants to author ten stories, ten days in a row, consisting of exactly 110 words each. All stores are themed based on dogs that she has pre-selected. For more information about the challenge and to view the work of other participants, please click the link. But only if you want stories that have real teeth.