Calling Again

eddieThis is day five of The Dog Days of Summer, a Blogdramedy writing challenge. If you came here looking for quality content you are decidedly barking up the wrong tree. -Ed.

Calling Again
Tom B. Taker

Eddie couldn’t hear everything they said but occasionally he picked up certain words like sweet, adorable and good boy.

He smiled the sort of smile they had never seen. If they had, he would have been sent away a long time ago. They had good cushions for rolling so he kept things on the down-low.

Eddie turned back to the computer, the glow illuminating his face, and proofed what he had entered into Craigslist:

Subject: Bitches for dinner shoots

Seeking playful and fetching models for private photo sessions. 2+ and female only please! Tame but must be open to fetish scenes including Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs. Nothing sexual!

Musical Pairing: Eddie by Styx

Addendum: As much as I hate to give anything away, I sincerely hope everyone gets the “dog years” joke. The online resource I used said that one dog year = 15 human years and that two dog years = 24 human years. So I played it safe and rounded up to two. It’s an 18+ adults only joke in dog form.

Blogdramedy’s The Dog Days of Summer writing challenge commands victims participants to author ten stories, ten days in a row, consisting of exactly 110 words each. All stores are themed based on dogs that she has pre-selected. For more information about the challenge and to view the work of other participants, please click the link. But only if you want stories that have real teeth.

12 responses

  1. And here I heard that Craigslist was cleaning that stuff up! Probably into leashes and collars, too.


    1. My wife has been surfing the “Gigs” section of Craiglist and it’s all that and a bag of chips. If that area has been “cleaned up” I’d hate to see what it looked like before. There’s unmentionables in there even I can’t mention!


  2. If you want the best in reading entertainment (no it’s not Tom’s blog) go the the “Gigs” section of Craigslist. Hi-larity!


  3. Nothing says sexy like runny scrambled eyes. Oh. Yeah.


    1. Ugh. I think I just tossed my salad.


  4. Ha! Love the lecherous Eddie angle!


  5. Oh Eddie, you dog you!


  6. The “2+” bit was hilarious. And I didn’t need any stinkin’ addendum to get it. 🙂


    1. There’s always at least one person out there who doesn’t get it and they’re usually in charge of the pitchforks and torches.


  7. What speed film does he use?


    1. I little birdie told me he doesn’t bother with film.


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