In Treatment

turmoilThis is day one of The Dog Days of Summer, a Blogdramedy writing challenge. If you came here looking for quality content you are decidedly barking up the wrong tree. -Ed.

In Treatment
Tom B. Taker

His jowls jiggled as he spoke. There was some spittle.

“I can’t shake it, Doc,” he said. “He haunts me. I see him everywhere I go. I’ve scratched myself raw. I’ve developed a nervous tick. I even ate some poop.”

He paused, glanced around suspiciously then continued in a hushed voice.

“I’ve even, you know. Licked myself.”

Pause. “Down … there.”

I nodded. “I see. How did this make you feel?”

“Like I’m a bad dog!”

“Look, Cujo. It’s not unusual. He may behave like your mom but he can’t really hurt you.”

“Don’t you think I know that?”

The door creaked open and there he was. “Yo quiero Taco Bell!”

Blogdramedy’s The Dog Days of Summer writing challenge commands victims participants to author ten stories, ten days in a row, consisting of exactly 110 words each. All stores are themed based on dogs that she has pre-selected. For more information about the challenge and to view the work of other participants, please click the link. But only if you want stories that have real teeth.

12 responses

  1. I’m always envious of dogs that can do that. Personally, I prefer mine with salsa.


    1. I’m going to be charitable and assume you mean a quesadilla.


  2. That little Mexican is haunting. Therapy can’t fix that kind of horror.


    1. It’s hard to deal with that level of single-mindedness.


  3. I could never understand why TB went away from that little character. My favorite commercial was when Godzilla came out a few years ago and the Taco bell dog freaked when he saw the footprint.


    1. Oh, sure. It’s easy to act all tough until Godzilla shows up.

      TB Dog certainly was a memorable character.


  4. I’d like to see that little dog take on the Geico gecko. (“I even ate some poop.” *snort*)


    1. You have an eye for literary greatness. Someone recently bragged to me that dogs are cleaner than cats. In the same breath he also mentioned they eat poop.

      I rest my case.


  5. “Licked myself.” Pause. “Down … there.” HA!
    And I’d do unspeakable things if that little shit were following me around, too.


    1. I like it when I’m understood. It happens so rarely.


  6. We would all do it if we could! (Lick ourselves, not eat poop)


  7. “Yo quiero Taco Bell.”



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