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Thoughts on Neighborhood Watch

I spent a lot of time this morning looking for my reblog of the week. I was searching for something to do with the Trayvon Martin case. I read a lot of posts, but none of them hit just the right note. Then I found this thoughtful post about neighborhood watch members and CCW permits and wanted to share. I hope you have time to take a look and whether or not you agree that it gives you something new to think about.

And a belated Happy Fourth of July to the readers! I apologize for the delay in posting, things have been crazy this summer. And now on to the fun stuff…

Last year I was living in Michigan. A somewhat “shady” town, Saginaw, Michigan, has some seriously high crime rates. Drug use is prevalent and, when it gets hot in the summer, the violence tends to rise with the temperature. There was a story that summer about a man who parked his car on the street, I believe he was finishing a phone call or waiting on someone, and another gentleman, tired of people parking in front of his house, went out and shot him. No vendetta against the actual person he shot, he was shooting an idea. 

A friend of mine held a yard sale and I went over to hang out, keep her company and help watch over things…

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