Too Many Words

Like Mozart with his “too many notes” I have been shamed by the assertion that my heretofore writings contain, and I quote, “Too many words.”

The charge, bitterly leveled by my otherwise serviceable spouse, had placed me in the uncomfortable position of scheming the proper retort.

Thus quote the author, “.”


15 responses

  1. I think I need more elaboration to clear up this subject, bitte. Danke’.


    1. Oooh. I’m actually being asked to be wordy. You will rue the day.


      1. Oh, there will be no rueing. GO for the MANIFESTO, man! “Thou Shalt Not Vent” was never one of them there commandment, thingies… as if that should make a difference coming from a pagan to an atheist, anyway!


    1. We would have the conversations worth having.


  2. Ya, still too many words Tom.


    1. Somehow I knew this was coming.


  3. And let’s add more. This is me reading Tom’s blog…”Ya, this is good. So funny. Love it! Spot on. Oh here’s an untruth, I’ll reply with the truth when I’m done reading this. If I get done reading this. OMG, this post should have ended three paragraphs ago. Eye Roll. Hmmm, what to fix for dinner. It sure is hot out today. A cookie sounds good about now. Hey, what the…when is this sucker going to end. That’s it. I’m done. Too much blah, blah, blah. TOM…I want to talk to you about your last post!”


    1. You should entitle this, “How The Mrs. Reads The Blog.”


    2. One cannot constrain genius to a finite space, madame!

      (Though I get annoyed with myself if I haven’t gotten to the point in 500 words or so…)


  4. You should be glad your wife reads your blog. My wife doesn’t even bother…she says ignorance is bliss when it comes to my worthless advice blog. Of course, she is caught a little off guard when people talk to her about it and she doesn’t have a clue of what is going on. Now who’s the fool, right? Oops, I think I went over Mrs. Abyss’ word count for comments…..

    Keep on writing and I did enjoy your spouse’s input!


    1. You are wise to suck up to the Mrs. Good move on your part! To be honest, though, my wife skips most of my posts. Sometimes she gets one of her premonitions that I dropped her name and suddenly shows up. Weird how that works.

      Thanks for the comment!


  5. And since it’s on the internet, this post will outlast whatever she says in response, effectively giving you the coveted last word!


    1. Exactly. Ask and ye shall receive. Coming soon: “The Last Word.” It’ll be at least 42,000 words long. My opus!


      1. Wait – you’re writing 42.000 words about a penguin???


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