Super Ikearrhea

The other night I went out to howl at a “super” moon. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure out how to unbuckle my belt. Opportunity missed!

Meanwhile, while flying high in my ballon chair, I spied the IKEA moon base where my wife and I had recently shopped. I decided to take a photograph and immortalize the moment for my friend Blogdramedy.

Curse my luck! Mount St. Helens photobombed the shot. What were the odds of that? Nothing ever goes right for me!


4 responses

  1. Close to Ikea AND one of nature’s most impressive “evacuators.”

    Must be nirvana for you! 😉


    1. You must be pooped after expending so much effort to tie your comment back to my blog’s main theme. Well done!


  2. Damn St Helens, all “I’m gonna be in the picture, or I’ll blow up”…


    1. Yeah, Mount St. Helens! Why you all getting up in IKEA’s grill? How rude!

      Mount St. Helens can be annoying at times. Like when it went and made an ash out of our house and car.


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