Truck You

Today I offer a short photo essay regarding the object that wrecked my life made the big move possible: Ye olde moving truck.

Even the selection of the truck was a source of consternation. The U-Haul website said that the 24′ truck was for a “3 – 4 bedroom home.” That’s a verbatim quote. Since we had a three bedroom home, my wife thought this was a logical selection.

Yet, there I was, like Oliver again, somehow wanting more.

When you stop to think about it, moving is taking yourself and all of your stuff to a new address.
–Tom B. Taker, philosopher

The biggest truck you could get was the 26′ truck which was billed for “4+ bedrooms.” I wanted that truck. Like I explained to my wife, loading always takes longer than unloading and a bit of extra breathing room would allow us to avoid a real life game of Tetris with our precious belongings. Besides, I reasoned, the larger truck was only 10% more cost, about $265 vs. $240.

FYI: The loading to unloading ratio was about 10:1. Every 10 hours of loading time required about one hour to offload. I know because I was there with a stopwatch yelling, “Eureka!”

In the end we went with the larger truck and guess what? And guess what? Our humble three bedroom abode didn’t fit. We had to leave shit behind and strap my Trek mountain bike to the hood of my wife’s car. And, this was my wife’s brilliant idea, the cat’s litter box had to ride in the cab of the truck with me. I shit you not! (The poop tag requirements for this post have now been satisfied.)

We are owned by our precious possessions, but that’s another story.

Keep on truckin’!

About 1/3 loaded. Tetris blocks are beginning to confound.


In the photo below we see the fully loaded masterpiece. Note: This is before we crammed in everything we had filling in every nook and cranny more than a Thomas’ english muffin.


This photo documents one of the happiest moments of my life. Virginal status has been restored.


9 responses

  1. Glad it went well!
    Just so you know, moving trucks are sturdier than UPS trucks.

    Don’t ask me how I know that.


    1. I actually did consider shipping all of my possessions via UPS. I figured at one package a day it would take about twenty years. 🙂

      And who said it went well? If the criteria is life, then I guess I’m forced to admit I’m still alive. But it wasn’t quite that binary.


  2. I tell you, those frickin’ wheel-well things that stick up ALWAYS GET YOU!


    1. Snap! That’s what my bones said anyway as the wheel wells got me again and again – even though I knew they were there and was consciously trying to avoid them! Major ouchies.


  3. Maybe U-Haul meant a metric 3-4 bedroom house.


    1. Ah, that’s it. First they took over my fifth of booze and now this. Bastards.


  4. I’m happy that the move went well. Now you have time to comment on other peoples blogs. 😉


    1. Your wish is my demand. It has been done.


      1. I saw that. All pithy and what. What.


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