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Misheard lyrics

At least we made it this far...

Sometimes, song lyrics are confusing.  As in, you think you hear one thing.  And then you sing along singing that one random thing.  And then you eventually find out that, in fact, those are not the lyrics.  Or sometimes, you know that those can’t possibly be the words, but that is all you have to go on.  And sometimes, you just exist in oblivion.

Patrick and I stumbled upon this video from Jimmy Fallon from his #hashtag series.  This one is called #misheard lyrics.  It is not only hilarious, but we could see how this could happen… From firsthand experience.

One of my other fathers thought the song that goes, “I believe in miracles, where you from? You sexy thing.” actually was, “I believe in miracles, burn your bras!  You sexy thing.”  He thought that for many years, until, when we were teenagers, he was belting along with a Burger…

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