Paranormal Investigations – Gerbil Edition #video

There are two great mysteries in the life that one must unravel before traveling to the Great Beyond. One is the nature of the Bermuda Triangle. The other is, of course, how gerbils cause household items to go missing from the space-time continuum.

Today we uncover a disturbing piece of evidence that goes a long way towards explaining what really happens. I took the following raw footage at great risk of life and limb.

If you’re not willing to invest one minute and 44 seconds of your precious existence in the following ode to cinema, then I guess you really do hate my guts.

Hang on tight and be prepared for the twist at the end. “I see gerbil people!!!”

6 responses

  1. Sounds like the gerbil is done. 😉


    1. Clever. That would have been the perfect application of that fork. The video fails to mention that it was encrusted with some sort of cake. Years old cake. What a discovery! We advanced gerbil technology by decades.


  2. Excellent forking commentary!! I’ll admit the grunting amused me. 🙂 Say hi to my girl crush!!


    1. I told her and she swooned. Those grunts were otherworldly, were they not? I was so scared! 🙂


  3. I always figured your voice would be more slurred.


    1. No tequila was harmed in the shooting of that video. And yes, that’s my everyday squeaky voice.


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