changeKeep the change, ya filthy animal.

Change of Address

I live on the surface of a rotating planetoid. The speed of rotation is approx. 1,000 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, the planet itself is moving about 67,000 miles per hour around the sun.

The sun is the center of our solar system, which is also moving around the center of our galaxy at approx. 490,000 miles per hour.

The galaxy is moving towards something called the Great Attractor, appox. 150 million light years away, at a rate of 1,000 kilometers per second.

In other words, I just want it to be known my physical location on this planetoid is changing by about 2.5 degrees of latitude. That’s a lot!

Moving Paradoxes

A pending move means boxes. Packing lots and lots of boxes.

The more you pack the more exhausted you get.

The more exhausted you get the more you require peaceful, restful sleep.

The more you require sleep the more the more you lie in bed with your eyes open.

Can’t sleep. Might as well get up and pack some more boxes and make myself more tired.

8 responses

  1. So, you’re like a professional now. Another skill to add to your resume. It must be at least a half a page long by now. 😉


    1. Your overestimation of my resume has moved me.


  2. 2.5 degrees north or south?

    Good luck with your move!


    1. North to Alaska! Okay, perhaps not that far, but I plan to make the 48 hour drive soon. Who knows, I might even get a blog post out of it.


  3. Hope it all goes well. It’s exciting starting a new adventure.


    1. We went from 1,400 sq. ft. to 750 sq. ft. It feels a lot like how we imagine it must be like in a cabin out on the Alaskan tundra. It has been an adventure and a change way outside my comfort bubble. I predict I will adapt and triumph just like I always do. For the record, the move was my wife’s idea. I just went along because she wished it.


      1. You’re a good husband!! And for the record, my house is only 650 sq.ft. – perfect for me and my dog.


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