Hyppo and Critter: Contextual Meanings

Hyppo and Critter

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    1. Yep. That’s all that matters. Never let truth get in the way of what you want. Hey, a potent quotable.

      I recently became acquainted with the term “libturd” that some folks get orgasmic with to refer to liberals who have a different political ideology than themselves. It was love at first sight. I mean, it’s got the word “turd” in it so what’s not to like? I desperately wanted to find a way to work it into the comic.

      Yes, in America you have freedom. Freedom of speech and certainly the right to form and hold your very own opinions. And we have the right to condemn and insult you for it.

      Libturd is, of course, a variant spelling of the word “libtard.” Which, even if it wasn’t an insult, would still be offensive because it riffs on the word “retard” which is generally considered to be bad form these days.

      I can understand having an opinion and believing you are right. I can even understand believing in your heart that other people are wrong. What I can’t understand is believing it so vehemently that you’ll gleefully rip fifty percent of the country every chance you get in such a patently offensive way.

      Didn’t the Bible say something about “love thy neighbor” and “judge not lest ye be judged?” Perhaps there was fine print. “Unless they don’t share your political beliefs.”

      Do a twitter search for the word “libturd” and prepare to feel sad as you review the results. And then it occurred to me: I don’t have, nor am I aware of, a corresponding term that does the same task only from the left to the right. When someone politically disagrees with me I generally say they are on the “right” or that they are “conservative.” Nasty, eh?

      What is it they say about the power of arguments and points when someone resorts to name calling?

      Welcome to the world of the Libturds!


      1. That’s why I’ve sworn off broadcast news completely. It seems to foment the kind of thinking that insists one side is correct on all issues, the other always wrong and compromise is weakness.

        If I just go to google news I can get a summary of issues, avoid a lot of the name calling and still be force fed Amanda Byrnes updates.


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