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Cats discover furniture move

Bigger changes are afoot. We’re now re-running this old footage until we bring you more developments as they continue to develop later next week.

This post is part of our ongoing series Regurgitation Sunday where we take a previous post and drag it back into the light of day. On the seventh day God did rest and here we work to emulate that philosophy. It’s one-seventh less effort!

Shouts from the Abyss

Are news anchors supposed to show quite that much emotion when they read the news? I don’t think so!

Today there was big news in the Abyss household. My wife had picked up her bookcase from the storage unit and reorganized the living room a bit. This freaked out the cats. To say the least.

Our male cat, the scaredy one, promptly climbed to the top of the TV set in order to survey what had happened. Our TV serves as his own personal Pride Rock. From that vantage point he can survey the entire savanna of our living room and assess the devastation. Meanwhile his sister gave the bookcase a thorough sniff inspection. A bomb-sniffing dog couldn’t have done it any better.

CNN Pride Rock Eye in the Sky is also still on the lookout for The Vacuum but it hasn’t been seen for several days now.

Correspondent Anderson…

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