Random Seed

purple_monkeyIt didn’t know how long it had been there like this. Cold. Dry. Underground. Alone.

From time to time it would reach out beyond itself, encounter resistance and give up.

One day, it became aware that the-everything-that-surrounded contained warmth. And there was moisture. It absorbed water and felt strong. The feelings of life stirred within.

Emboldened, it reached out and discovered things weren’t as hard as they were before. It grew and projected itself. Instinctually it knew which way was up. It moved towards the greater warmth.

Quicker that it ever seemed possible, it broke through and was able to spread open as wide as it could. It turned toward light and felt on its face the sun.

Image Credit: Santa Barbara Hikes

8 responses

    1. Ah, thanks! It’s amazing the thoughts that pop in my head sometimes.


  1. WHO WROTE THIS!?!?!?


    1. This is, of course, the 64GB question. The answer might snark. After seeing three of the last four posts go without garnering a single comment, I decided to turn my blog into a laboratory and experiment on you all. I know that is unethical as hell but in my defense, I couldn’t help myself.

      What would happen if something that appeared to be positive was posted on my blog? Would it get more comments than the everyday bile? And what if it contained Folgers flavor crystals?


  2. Nice writing, Mrs. Abyss. Shouts working the OT again?


    1. In a way, yes, this was written by Mrs. Abyss. After all, she’s the one whole left the childproof cap off the cough syrup. Good times.


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