Regurgitated: Beast in Show

Once upon a time I participated in a thirty-day challenge where you had to write 30 stories containing exactly 30 words each. It was a 30-30-30 kind of a thing.

30 (thirty) is the natural number following 29 and preceding 31.
–Source: Wikipedia – 30 (number)

If you find that factoid interesting and fascinating (thanks Wikipedia!) then you’re going to love Brawndo – The Thirst Mutilator. It’s especially effective for people who never learned how to count. (Be sure to thank the person reading you this post.)


This piece of regurgitated gristle is brought to you by Brawndo, a proud sponsor of the American scream. Brawndo: It’s got what plants crave!

Above this line you’ll find exactly three times as many words as the original post, which you can read for yourself if you click the following link. If you can’t follow that simple instruction, move the little mousy and make it a go-go.

Beast In Show

4 responses

  1. Your writing discipline constantly amazes me. Every day you write without fail. No fail for you! And now you’ve got me craving Brawndo, too, darn it! Love that movie, as you know.


    1. I shall lift up my next tankard of Brawndo and toast to you!

      Every single day since Oct. 6, 2009, I have posted something on the blog. I’m not saying that’s a good thing.


  2. I’m trying to remember my botany, but I thought plants’ thirsts were mutilated by water. Maybe only lacerated, I suppose.


    1. In the future such knowledge will be enough to make you the President.

      “We should put water on crops. Not Brawndo.”

      “You mean toilet water???”


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