TOM Regurgitated

tom-conferenceToday we have elected to revisit one of our favorites from the series of posts known as TOM Talks. Actually, I think this is also the only post in the series, but I’m not really sure, since I haven’t been listening.

For members of Generation Z, please feel free to load the post on your favorite device. Perhaps even the iPad strapped to your lover’s back. There is no read to interrupt your important business, such as the act of coitus, while you enjoy this talk.

Click the link below to begin the presentation.

TOM Talks: Conversational Masturbation

4 responses

  1. Hey, Look at me! Look at me! I think future TOM talks should begin again AND be VO or Video… (you could wear a ski mask so we could NEVER see your face… or disguise your voice using a bottle?).


    1. Clever. I’ll put my creative team on this. Hey, look at me!


    2. The team got back to me. This is what they came up with.


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