Loving What You Regurgitate

Another Regurgitation Sunday is upon us. Time for me to reach deep into the annals of blog history and dig out another piece of poop. I do hope I spelled that correctly.

This morning whilst searching the internet for a motivational quote related to the word “ascribing” I came across the following nugget of joy:


Naturally that reminded me of the good old days back in November 2009 when I wrote a steaming piece of shit entitled: Thoughts on “loving what you do”

Those were good times so that instantly became today’s pick of the kitty litter. I’m not one to stare down the barrel of coincidence and blink. I’m not about to ignore the fates that brought this piece of digital flotsam my way.

If you will allow me the temporary hubris of paraphrasing Steve Jobs:

The only way to produce great shits is to shit what you shit. And have a shit boss in position of authority above you.
–Tom B. Taker

Unless you love what you do, please click the following link to be transported to the magical land of yesterlore.

Regurgitated: Thoughts on “loving what you do”

6 responses

  1. This is a different take on “if it bleeds, it leads.” More like “if it smells, it sells.” I will hold my nose and go read this immediately.


    1. Luckily the new Google Odors is not operational yet.


  2. The problem is most of the citizens of the US love doing nothing (I know I do…sitting around with a cold drink sounds O-TAY to me!) but it doesn’t pay well.


    1. Just like in the movie Office Space where the protagonist has a dream to do nothing. He is my hero.


  3. I think the “you have to love what you do” is maybe the greatest crock-o-shit sold to American over the past generation.

    My father managed a lumber and hardware store (back in the days before Home Despot put them all out of business). Did he like his job? Sure. Enough. Did he “love what he did?” Of course not. He loved his family. And bowling. Don’t ask me which one he loved more, I get queasy.

    But of course this comes from the self-worth identification with career rather than anything else. Spouse, family, community of course all take second (or later) banana to career.

    I am very very fortunate that I like what I do. Some days I am even inspired by my job. But I still can’t wait to make enough money someday so that I can stop and spend time with the Beloved, and read, and maybe even do some volunteer work. If that day was today, I’d walk leave without a second glance.


    1. Thanks for the affirmation!

      I always feel like those who say “You gotta love what you do” are rubbing my face in it. That sort of statement has, I think, a certain ethereal quality of snobbery to it. It’s like a nod and a knowing wink. They know exactly what they are doing.

      If everyone had a job where they “loved” what they did what kind of world would this be? I wonder how many people would “love” slogging through the muck and the mire in the sewers wearing their hip waders. Lots, I’m sure.


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