McDonald’s Egypt “Taste of the World”

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Picking on McDonalds is always appreciated here in the Abyss. We go together like McPeas and McCarrots. Now please excuse me while I McHang myself.

4 responses

  1. Funny, I thought all of McDonalds food Had the same flavor.


    1. See? You underestimated the cleverness of McDonalds. They tailor their flavors to geographical locations.

      In France it’s the McEscargot.

      In the Arctic Circle it’s the McBlubber.

      In Russian it is the McBorscht.

      In Mexico it’s the McTaco.

      American companies like McDonalds desperately want a piece of the action in untapped markets like the Middle East. How to make their food appeal to people who don’t eat burgers and hate the USA? Change the food and crazy ethnic characters, of course!

      That’s McDonalds logic.


  2. Glad I don’t follow that Twitter feed… BOOOOOOORING! And no one cares.


    1. If you use Twitter you have to follow their tweets. They’re all “sponsored” and in your face every single day. ARGH!

      I retaliate by saying something shitty about them every time one of their sponsored tweets is shoved into my timeline. Take that, McDonalds! 🙂


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