Goose Lodge: Title This Photograph


Just a little photo I snapped earlier today. My wife suggested a title. I came up with the other one. Who should win? You get to decide. Vote early and often.

Make the jump for more photographs from today.

The engine room for the Abyss:


This is how nature reacts when it sees me coming:


7 responses

  1. I had to go Under Goose because I loved the Under Dog cartoon.


    1. “There is no need to fear, Under Goose is here!” Somehow I still feel the fear.


  2. A little known movie gem: “Bridge Over The Goose Liver Kwai.” Liver…river. *snort*


    1. I am William Be-Holden to you. Please know that you are never foiegotten in my heart.


  3. At first I read the tag “squirrel, tushy” without the comma. I liked it better that way. Maybe add it?


    1. I like the way you think! On the other hand they say you see what you wanna see.


  4. Nice. It only took five votes for me to lose. Life is perfect. 🙂


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