Survivor: Abyss Island – The Dead Reonion Show Part Duh

The Tom B. Taker Show podcastAt long last, here it is. Finally, the wait is over. The Survivor: Abyss Island reunion show has arrived. The production team was been hard at work crunching the audio. We apologize it took a few extra days. It’s a dirty thankless job and many hours of blather were left on the cutting room floor. (This is the part where you thank me. This shit could have been longer.)

This is part two of the world famous audio interview.

Make the shark jump for the link.


Link to MP3 audio:
The Tom B. Taker Show – Audio Podcast: Survivor Abyss Island: Dead Reonion Show – Part 2 of 2

That’s it. Peace out. Probst! Call me!

13 responses

  1. Brilliant!
    Abyss Island will be spoken of in the same hushed tones as Who Shot JR, the last episode of Mash, Toddlers and Tiaras…


    1. Somewhere Honey Boo Boo is smiling, eating chicken wings, and is quite pleased.

      Thanks for the high praise!


      1. Still listening to the audio, but I’m pretty sure that next year, you’re doomed.
        That host has it in for you!


  2. No heart, no brain…are we in Oz here? I call flying monkey.

    Please tell Mrs. Abyss how much I enjoyed listening to her try to ask you my questions without laughing. It was the second best thing about this audio post.

    The best thing was the comment from El Guapo…he’s right. You are doomed.


    1. It was very delighted that the host reached out to some of my peeps. That was brilliant. And mean. 🙂

      In Oz monkeys can fly. In our world they fling poo. I propose a merger.

      For the sake of history, I would point out that I have never claimed to be anything other than doomed. To thine own self be true!


  3. First, I like that the interview starts with the truth.

    “The Guru Of Negativity, that’s not an act.” That’s why I keep coming back, I believe in your negativity.

    Does that negate it?


    1. Gee, I hope not. I have so much not to look forward to!


  4. White socks and sandals?

    In the Guru’s defense, I think he asked the question out of the desire to get Valentines right.


    1. What’s all this hubbub about footwear? In the Abyss the only slaving to fashion that takes place is pure, natural comfort. Life is too short to worry about anything else.


  5. There’s a lot of wisdom in this post. Eating the same thing (rice and beans, in your case) every meal is liberating. I’m a big fan of cereal for all meals myself. And your style suggestions, such as white socks with sandals, couldn’t be more tasteful.

    You’re definitely not a narcissist, despite all evidence to the contrary (just kidding about the evidence!)

    You have inspired me to try to be the Guru of Positivity. The blogging yang to your blogging yin. Just to make sure I was using these terms correctly I went to Wikipedia (which, of course, is never wrong) That’s how I decided to take yang (sunny side) instead of yin (shady side).

    See you in the virtual “Survivor All Stars.” You are so advanced now that you can do it all in your head, even though you lost more than 9 percent of your body weight, which you claimed was mostly from your head. Oh you jester, you!


    1. You and Mrs. Abyss are so adorable together. If you’re not careful, you may have to rename this blog “Shouts from The Bliss!”


      1. Aw, thanks. I shall have to redouble my efforts to avoid this whole “bliss” scene. We can’t have that.

        In the end, a 40 whopping minutes of audio was a rather sick joke to play on the world. I figure if anyone actually listened they did it to themselves. That’s way too much to ask.


    2. Thanks for the kind words, fellow Guru. I’m looking forward to seeing you at the retreat, although you might choose to call it an advance. You say potato, I say horrible bullshit.

      There’s an untold story behind this audio performance. My wife first tried to conduct the interview on a Monday night. She just sort of sprung it on me and I was in a decidedly grumpy mood. It didn’t go so well.

      You see, although I’m vividly projecting myself into that 2nd and 3rd dimensions with my blogging, I’m generally not happy about it. I hate being photographed and I hate the sound of my own voice. So it is a rather remarkable something that I allowed any of this to take place at all.

      Some of the challenges got quite heated about this. I had to learn to trust my host.

      The next night, on a Tuesday, the host was back in my face. But this time I had 24 hours of pondering under my belt and I was more prepared. Also, she wisely decided to soften my up with a tequila shots drinking contest. Wise move!


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