Spread Your Wings


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  1. Yeah, but this thing called gravity always gets in the way! Wings don’t work.


    1. Thanks for bringing just the right amount of gravitas to this discussion. Heavy.


      1. No problem…. 🙂


  2. People always have to bring up gravity. We’re talking about flying, man! Don’t bring us down!


    1. When flying the hang time is critical. Don’t blink or you might miss it. Then reality is very pushy about making itself known during the landing.

      By the way, this photo is eerily similar to a recurring dream of mine. As I sail over a cliff I think something along the lines of, “Oh, shit. This isn’t good.”

      Then I wake up feeling that way.


    1. The enlightened mind will come to see roads as mere suggestions. Do not be afraid to paint outside the lines.


  3. Wow, a friend’s son just did this in the El Centro area of California. I saw the photos. It’s like you have psychic powers, Mr. Taker. The car hit ice and rolled over a hundred feet down an embankment. Like you, his name was Tom. Tom wasn’t driving, though, so he can’t take the credit for flying. His ear was torn, but otherwise he’s safe. Amazingly, no one else in the car was hurt. I can’t wait to see what you post next!


    1. Wow. I’m glad Tom is alright! A torn ear is more than a sufficient souvenir to remind him of the experience.

      I briefly thought about this photo being bad form. It gave me pause but obviously it didn’t stop me.

      This photo was captioned as being from a automobile race where a driver lost control around a corner. Which raises the obvious question: “What the fuck kind of a place is that for a race?” I imagine some people who were sitting around a big oval recently may be asking themselves the same question.

      Up next: It’s funeral time!


  4. Very uplifting, Tom. It’s amazing what comes out of you when you flap your gums.


    1. Flapping my gums was originally how I thought I could fly but it didn’t work. It was a lot like those old time movies where you see the guy strap on wings and confidently jump off a roof in the quest of flight. Fail.


  5. I’m reminded of a scene from Robocop. “Can you FLY Bobby?” Then he throws him out the back of the van. Turns out, Bobby actually could fly, but only for short distances. In that regard, we all share the same potential for flight. Its the not hitting the ground part we have yet to master.


    1. And getting your hand blown off is a bad day. FYI: Robocop reboot is on the way!


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