If You Could Pee What I Fear

pee-fearI think I shall try my hand and headline writing. Please indulge me for a moment.

Green councilman feels blue, quoted ‘yellow is way to take city out of red to black’

Colorful, ain’t I? This is part of my ongoing coverage to stream news of note.

Out of the Netherlands comes a story about an elected official with a novel way to conserve water: Pee in the shower. Councilor Bert Wassink is a member of the left-wing green party GroenLinks.

Wassink is on a quest to be Number One!

“When you combine showering and peeing and thus saves a lot of water and euros … why not?”
–Bert Wassink

According to Ad.nl, the average person uses 39 litres daily in showering and 36 litres “flushing.” Wassink stressed that saving clean water is good for the environment and also has a financial benefit.

When pressed, Wassink confirmed he engages in the practice, saying, “Yes, I dare quietly admit.”

Weird grammar courtesy of Google Translate.

8 responses

  1. Haha….love the song choice!!


    1. Thanks! It just sort of naturally flowed that way.


      1. LOL…hope you were standing up stream!


  2. People in the US often whine about big government telling them how to live, intruding far too often into their personal lives. I don’t care how big or small government is, I don’t need an elected official telling me to pee in the shower. I’m way past that level of efficiency. Not only do I pee in the shower, but I also catch up on my reading while dropping a deuce..


    1. Efficiency FTW!

      I’m impressed with your #1 and #2 skills, but you’re still way behind me. I’ve mastered #3. I also solve sudoku during intimate moments.


      1. Ancient Asian secret to making ficky-fick last long time? Sudoko!


  3. I think 90% of the US pees in the shower. We’re way ahead of them.


    1. We’re #1! We’re #1!

      The #1 jokes just don’t stop writing themselves.


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