#Monday Data: Boss Graph


6 responses

  1. It makes a hellotta sense to me.


    1. Thanks. I did my research.


  2. Tom, I think you erred on the side of tact with the “actual talent” slice.
    BTW, there’s a guy out there who could almost be your cousin…
    He even used the POO word! You should maybe check him for cloning techniques.


    1. LOL! I’ll check him out.

      After press time we did receive new data from our scientists that was omitted I the graph.

      We forgot:

      – Taking credit for someone else’s work
      – Stabbing coworkers in the back
      – Throwing people under the bus

      The differences between the last two are subtle and very much about art.


  3. I notice there was no slice for wizardry. I don’t know how you expect me to take this graph seriously if there’s no pie slice for wizardry.

    But seriously, pretty much nailed this one right on the nuts. Nice job!


    1. You’re right, of course. Wizardry was a gross omission. I offer myself up for punishment. Which reminds me, I also forgot Human Sacrifice.



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