Chained Melody: Proletariat Steak


Please click the image to visit the artist’s website. Source: Ted Rall’s Rallblog.

6 responses

  1. The whole way inflation is calculated is messed up. The reasoning behind buying tresury bonds and selling them to “decrease or increase inflation” is just a way to hide the fact that the government is in debt up to its scalp and it needs a tube to breath. The second China stops buying tresury bonds, it’s all over.


    1. Can’t we just mint a few of those $1 Trillion coins? Hell, print a few hundred of them. The debt gets wiped out and every American gets a new car!


  2. My appetite certainly deflated.


    1. That happens sometimes to Proletariat Soufflé.


  3. I lived on top ramen for thirty days once. It wasn’t pretty. On the other hand, I’ve never eaten my own shit. I’ve heard that if you slice it correctly, it looks like pepperoni. Ever since hearing that, I don’t trust the meat on my pizza. I usually order chicken. At least chicken doesn’t look like shit.

    Please don’t tell me your shit looks like chicken.


    1. Let them eat poop.

      Ramen for 30 days? What a great idea. Stay tuned. Starting this weekend I’m going to be live blogging 39-days of Survivor. We’re going to find out what I’m really made of.

      Hopefully it isn’t poop. Then again, that would’t surprise me the least bit.


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