Hot Water Burn Baby: I Am Rain Man

rain-manI was going to write something interesting but I forgot what it was.

Kmart sucks!

There’s nothing like waking up, making a fresh, hot, delicious cup of coffee, preparing your travel mug with cream and sugar – just so – then driving off to work leaving it on the kitchen counter. More about coffee in under a minute…

Lately I’ve been losing my mind more often that usual. So far I’ve been able to find it again, but not until things get dicey.

Is it even possible to lose an iPad around the house? I make it look easy.

I’m definitely not wearing my underwear.

Is that TMI? I don’t know. What were we talking about?

So anyway, this afternoon when I was getting ready to leave work, I picked up my backpack.

“Weird,” I said. “What the hell is that wet spot on my desk?”

I lifted the bag up and looked at the bottom. Brown, sludgy liquid of some sort was slowly dripping out.

“What the hell?” I wisely said.

Long story short, apparently at some point during the work day I absentmindedly decided it would be prudent to put my coffee travel mug back in the bag before I finished the coffee inside. This was absolutely news to me.

Did I mention my underwear yet?

Hot coffee burn baggy!

4 responses

  1. Ever get up to do something, and as soon as you’re upright- you forget what it was?

    No, me neither.
    What was I going to ask you?


    1. Who are you again? 🙂

      Yeah, by the time I reach my feet, I’ve already forgotten The Why. This is fantastically frustrating. With no place to go, I shrug and sit back down. The overwhelming sense of relief is palpable. My mind relaxes. And as it does, suddenly without trying memory comes flooding back. Dammit.


  2. Unfresh canvas filtered coffee, my second favourite kind.


    1. Odd. It didn’t occur to me to drink it. I’m gone, man, just gone.


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