A Very Abyss Christmas Conundrum

Abyss ChristmasThis is a momentous occasion. It’s that festive time of the year when, by officious assertion, I issue ex cathedra Seasons Greetings Message O’ The Abyss.

This post contains a conundrum, too. Can you deduce what it is? Keeping reading for a hint.

In our grandest traditions I say unto you, “Merry Christmas!” I attend a ceremony on the yard of the Abyss House where I pardon a grown baby who has unsucceeded to empty nest aka Rodentia of Extraordinary Size. (Yes, “empty nest” can be a verb.) In the name of diversity there are Festivus activities for The Airing of Grievances and Feats of Strength. A round beam is even erected on the courthouse grounds accompanied by a dish of spaghetti.

And, of course, there is the authorized and sanctioned Negativity Scene. (I’m crèching your heads!)

It is Christmastime in the Abyss!

The bigger question, though, is this: Can you identify what is askew about this post?

Intrepid reader, here is your hint:

The quick brown fox jumps over the crazy dog.

When you have deciphered the conundrum then you are bound to have your Season’s Greetings message from the Abyss. Note that the stumper contained herein pertains to the text of this post and nothing excepting. The poser has nothing to do with the images which contravene (in one unique way) the Christmas message that I am imparting to you.

Jump to it, if you can!

Bonne chance, mon ami!

And it has nothing to do with France, either. Remember: The images are not part of the mystery. Ignore them! Just the post text.

Merry Abyssmas

5 responses

  1. Holy mother of WordPress, did you just wish me a ‘Merry Christmas’?

    I’m not very good with riddles, Tommy, so you’ll have to speak much slower!


    1. Well, I didn’t exactly single you out, but yes! Even you! 🙂

      There is an answer if you can find it.


      1. I can’t find it. My meds haven’t kicked in yet.


  2. ???? Hang on… give me a year then maybe… nah, I’m crap at this. 😉


    1. I can wait a year. 🙂

      Another hint since this remains unsolved:

      It’s a puzzle but it’s also my Christmas message
      Of a special character it does presage


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