BlogFestivus – The Recap

blogfestivus-20122BlogFestivus 2012 is now officially in the history books!

I’d like to thank our illustrious leader, Blogdramedy, for coming up with this fantastic idea! Now we drink. There’s rum in the eggnog, right? And raw eggs?

God bless us every one!

Like Santa on steroids I will be coming around to visit all BlogFestivus participants and share my special kind of love, but I can’t promise I’ll do it all in one night. I’m looking forward to reading all nine reindeer stories from every single person who played along.

This year’s BlogFestivus was a smashing success. My blog felt the love and I met a lot of wonderful people.

I’ve had very little time of late, but I was able to visit some of you and I liked what I saw. Good stuff! If you missed BlogFestivus, I highly recommend taking a look. In our household we also plan to engage in more traditional Festivus activities such as “The Airing of Grievances” and “Feats of Strength.”

festivus-grievancesHere’s a road map of the “Joy Train Riders” to help you even more BlogFestivus goodness:

Blogdramedy – The Grand Poo Bah of BlogFestivus.

Steve Betz – the holiday mixer.

Rewind Revise – newly married and on her very own joy train.

Lenore Diane — thoughts from the Elf Queen herself.

Shouts from the Abyss – Tom’s on a mission to blighten your holiday season. (Yours truly.)

FiX It or Deal — Amy Severson bringing it robot-style.

Lynn Schneider Books — Lynn, the BlogFestivus newbie.

1 Point Perspective — the Bruce Willis of WordPress.

So I Went Undercover — she’s undercover and that’s all I’ll say about that.

Joe Owen’s Blog — he’s got forty-something eyes. Not Betty Davis eyes.

MC’s Whispers – Maria-Christina works in PR. What kind of “spin” will she put on this writing challenge?

LittleWonder2  – a musical surfing vampire lover. I know.

Blog It or Lose It! – One word. Minecraft.

Voice in Me — Reena’s from India…where reindeer go on vacation.

Apprentice, never master – Gwendolyn, the fearless.

A Year of Daily Posts — Sarah, the paperback writer (three manuscripts but they count.)

Dot Knows! — Liz, the life changer.

k8edid — oh, yes. She did.

The Day After – A musing wannabe.

A Spoonful of Suga – Making reality sexy.

Random Says – in the moment. At the moment.

Preparations for next year’s BlogFestivus 2013 are already underway. I’m planning on a coup d’état and introducing an element of drinking to the challenge that will bring a lot of joy, at least for me. Better start stocking up on your boozes. The drinking challenge will also involve an electric light bulb. Yep! (Wait for it…) That’s me, always out there making spirits bright!

Beginning tomorrow this blog returns to its regularly scheduled drivel. Same bat time, same bat channel. Sorry, all good things must come to an end.


10 responses

  1. Fuck. It ended before the world ends tomorrow. Sadness


    1. Missed it by that much. Timing is supposed to be a crucial ingredient in comedy, right? That’s why I has none!

      I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather end the world with. Hang on!


      1. I’ll keep on hanging on


  2. I don’t know why Random is at the bottom, but there where I started. I just read the Blogfestivus nineology offered by Random and it is a tour de force. Brilliant! It leaves me weeping at my own writing ineffectuality.

    If you missed it, better get over there:


  3. Stories. Drinking. Count me in next year! 😀 But I’d prfer to keep the lightbulb at a distance, please. 😉


  4. So next year are we gonna take a shot every time a character in a story dies a gruesome death? Bring on the slaughter! 🙂


    1. Talk about incentive to up the body count! This is a great idea.


  5. I hope for sentimental reasons that we can use plain old 60 watt incandescent bulbs and not those new-fangled screw-in fluorescents. I also prefer old fashioned booze – you can leave the whipped cream flavored vodka for the kiddies.


  6. Well, it’s about time! Finally…on your blog…I’m Grand Poo. I’m playing in the big leagues now.

    You truly did blighten this holiday challenge, Guru. Namaste.


    1. Bah!

      A League of Her Own. Awesome movie.



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