BlogFestivus – Day Eight: The Reindeer Before Easter

blogfestivus-20122The Reindeer Before Easter
by Tom B. Taker

Blixem was melancholy. Another winter and it was the same old thing. A whole year of preparing for one crazy night. He was in a rut deep enough to hang Christmas stockings. He wandered aimlessly away from Christmas Town followed by his pet, Hooman.

He trudged all night without purpose through the snow until he found himself in a forest. Then, at dawn, he stumbled into a strange grove of trees. They were arranged in a circle and each contained a door with a mysterious symbol.

“What’s this?” Blixen said. “It’s someplace new!”

christmas-eggOne had a Christmas tree. There was also a turkey, a firecracker, a pumpkin with a scary face, a four-leaf clover and a heart. But it was the decorated egg that sent his mind racing like a most improbable dream.

He grasped the knob, opened the door, and disappeared in a swirl of marshmallow peeps.

After falling an amazing distance he soft-landed on a grassy dell on a sunny day. Inches away was an enormous pink bunny who was so startled that several chocolate eggs popped right out of his tushy! Across his chest was a banner that read, “Happy Easter.”

The bunny collected the eggs in a basket and hopped away, stopping only for a moment to pluck some jelly beans from a garden of shrubs. Those went into the basket as well.

“There’s work to do, laddie,” the bunny said. “It’s only five months to Easter!”

This post is part of Blogdramedy’s 2012 BlogFestivus challenge where festivants are cajoled and harassed into writing nine stories in nine days about nine reindeers. Each story has to be exactly 243 words in length. Happy Festivus to all!

15 responses

  1. Love the different film references, cleverly done. πŸ™‚


    1. Film references? What you talking about? What film? πŸ™‚ Thanks!


  2. I really liked the concept of that one. Nicely done!


    1. Thanks. Originally it was going to be July 22nd for Pi Approximation Day (22/7, get it?) but there just wasn’t a tree with that door to be found!


  3. I guess my film knowledge is lacking, but I enjoyed the crossover!


    1. Thanks! And crossdressing was an earlier story. Vixen, I think!


  4. Time travel and Hooman. You’re are so Hoff. πŸ™‚


    1. If only time travel were real I could go back and figure out a way to be your daddy. Or something like that. Now who wants a nice hoff cup of hoffee?


  5. I was going to quote some of the funniest parts of this, but there were too many! Nicely done!


  6. Reblogged this on Shouts from the Abyss and commented:

    Hope you have a bunny good Easter, laddies and lassies.


  7. To (laughing) to disappear into a swirl of Peeps is a dream come true for some. Nice! Now, I will eat another Peep.


    1. That’s so sweet of you to say.


      1. *cymbal crash*


  8. That’s not a true story.

    Is it?


    1. “Which part do you doubt?”, he asked, popping another chocolate egg in his greedy mouth.


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