Daily Archives: December 13th, 2012

BlogFestivus – Day Three: So You Think You Can Prance

by Tom B. Taker

Success comes too early for some. At first Prancer’s was a Cinderella story and the sky was the limit. Like a star that shines too brightly then hurls itself into the heavens to spectacularly burst into flame, it was only pretty for the briefest moments of time before it landed with a thud like a charred chunk of lumpy space rock. And we couldn’t bring ourselves to look away.

The youngest reindeer ever selected for the prestige of Santa’s Team One, Prancer was a rising star on a meteoric course with destiny. She wore it well, too, at least for a while. We loved her. But something snapped and it wasn’t an antler. The sudden celebrity was too much and Prancer was irrevocably changed. Soon she had her first sit down Paris restaurant experience. “I want the barbecue. And then I want the chicken. And then I want the ribs.”
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