Cogitation Flagellation: Papa John’s Pizza

John Schnatter. Papa John's Pizza.Image Credit – OpenClipArt member: rejon

2 responses

  1. This guy…is an asshole (xcuse me), and I would boycott the place if I had ever eaten there…


    1. John Schnatter was so upset about Romney losing the election he decided to run his mouth claiming that the Affordable Health Act would force him to add 11 to 14 cents to the cost of each pizza. Forbes did a study and estimated that the actual cost would be approximately four cents per pizza. I guess that makes him a liar, too. Or at least someone willing to exaggerate to shore up support for his position.

      Sometimes a bit of perspective is helpful. Instead of looking at the situation as punitive, why not go the optimistic route and think of it as “opportunity.” He’s supposed to be a get ‘r done, bootstrap kind of guy, right?

      Dear Mr. Schnatter*: What if someone came to you and said that, for the added cost of less than a nickel per pizza pie you could accomplish all of the following?

      1. Provide minimal health insurance to those who work for you
      2. Improve employee morale
      3. Increase sales
      4. Enjoy a nationwide PR boost

      Would you have even considered it?

      * This portion of my comment was paraphrased/borrowed from a wonderful post by Lisa Earle McLeod.


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