Big Boss Graph

May your boss rest well down in Hell tonight…

Here’s hoping you don’t have to sit six feet away from the boss for 40 hours a week. Hell, that’s more quality time than I even get to spend with my own wife. The wife and I say goodbye to five mornings a week during an exercise known at The Commuting. We normally don’t speak of this during the weekend, but it’s the time of the day when you go from the place you love the most in the whole world (your castle) to the place you hate the most, the shithole. That’s one hell of a jarring transformation. And we’re expected to be productive after that? Yeah, right. At least I was productive enough to make this graph.

Pray for me.

Boss graph sucks

6 responses

  1. The first time I ever heard “Big Boss Man” was The Grateful Dead covering it. I thought they were singing “Big Ball of String.” Maybe that’s not so far fetched. You are tied to/trussed up by the job.


    1. You know what? Elvis also did a song about string. Puppet On A String. I think I’ve got just about every song he ever recorded right here on my hard drive. Yep. I’m nuts!

      Big Ball of String is also a good song. It tells the story of a factory worker killed on Monday morning on his way to work in a freak string accident. But that’s another story.

      I didn’t know Big Boss Man was a cover. Thanks for the link.


  2. Explode over his shoes. They hate that.


    1. I think you meant Crocs. 🙂


  3. I thought you’d go the color brown, not grey. More in keeping with the shithole atmosphere.


    1. Shit. The design team told me those colors would be perceived as stylish. That’s officer thinking on your part!


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