Politics in Tweets: Electorals go to College

I find that I’m unable to skip the politics today. I shall endeavor to be brief.

Obama was working out at the gym. Romney was giving the rowing machine a good go. He glanced over at Obama with his shirt off and said, “Dude. Nice electorals.”

That’s the cue. It’s time for another bit of inciteful political analysis from the Abyss.

The Electoral College as it stands right now, Wednesday morning, is Obama 303, Romney 206 with Florida (29) still up for grabs.

My prediction back on Sept. 9, 2012, was Obama 304 and Romney 234. If Florida breaks for Romney this may be one of the most accurate presidential prognostications of all time. And I did it two months out.

Let’s review how my prediction happened. First up a link to the proof to verify my claim.

Shoutabyss Electoral Prediction Map

7 responses

  1. You should get a job as a psychic!
    First question – where are my car keys?


    1. For some reason, the first thought that came to me is a drawer in your desk at work. Hold on, I’m seeing something. I’m seeing the letters J and D. And a bottle. It’s almost empty.

      Your keys are next to an almost empty fifth of Jack Daniels. Grab the keys and use them to drive to the liquor store and buy more. Stat.


  2. You’re freaking me out. If not Psychic then…what?


    1. See? Don’t you wish you had simply checked in with me in the first place? Could have saved a lot of stress.

      Oh, hell. I knew how it would go and I was still stressed, too! πŸ™‚


  3. You are a prognosticator of epic proportions. A doctor can fix that right up for you. Go to the guy who worked on your wife’s shoulder… πŸ˜‰


    1. I did but he told me it was screwed in so tight there was nothing he could so short of an entire assectomy and I’m not going there.


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