Daily Archives: October 23rd, 2012

Lord of the Challenges

Like a knee-jerk fool on the kindergarten playground who was just double-dog-dared, I have accepted yet another challenge that was issued in my general direction. I can’t help myself. I am unable to say “no.”

Oh God.

What is it about me and challenges? They buzz about me like flies and, therefore, I must be their Lord. Or something like that.

So be it.

As you read the following, please do try to remember that someone out there asked for it. Blame them, not me!

Oh, wait. Now I remember who it was.

Why, it’s my old friend rewind revise, one of the few people I follow on Twitter. That makes her a member of a very elite group. Little did I know that when I accepted this challenge that her wedding is also only a few short days away. So this is a doubly serendipitous occasion. This post is my gift to the happy couple. Too bad for them, because they could have had a toaster!
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