Hyppo and Critter: Act Naturally

2 responses

  1. As you know I don’t have cable so with the election only a few weeks off, I was getting freaked. But today a friend (with a 60 inch flatscreen) invited us over for dinner election night. I’m going to make Obama’s favorite food in an attempt to swing the vote gods. 🙂

    Is it me or has Hyppo gained a few pounds? 😉


    1. On our Roku the Huffington Post channel has the Presidential Debates as streaming video. And it’s free. There’s also a WordPress blog called Unedited Politics that links all of the campaign ads and speeches. There is more video to watch than there are minutes in the day.

      I think you’d be better served trying to vote the swing gods, but that’s just me. And what is Obama’s favorite food? You’ve stumped me on that one.

      Hyppo should weigh the same number of pixels as the day he was born. I hear that both of them have issues with me lately. We may hear about it soon.


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