Satan’s Game – For the Horde!

Santiaga. The dangerous and sick alter ego of a person running for elected office.

Maine’s World!! Maine’s World!! Party on!! Excellent!!

Now this is when it gets interesting. … kerchunk … kerchunk …

The GOP found out that a Democratic candidate for elected office in Maine played a little computer game known as World of Warcraft (WoW).

It wasn’t something the candidate ever tried to hide.

How did the Maine Republican Party respond? By launching a website that seeks to portray the candidate as some kind of a sick freak. They tried to portray her in-game character as a dangerous real life (RL) thing.

Ominous. She’s a level 85 Orc Rogue that specializes in “assassination.” And she likes to stab things! Is that what we need in Maine politics? In the online game she gets away with “crude, vicious and violent” comments.

Maine needs a State Senator that lives in the real world, not in Colleen’s fantasy world.
–Maine Republican Party website

Yeah! I mean why the hell can’t she go out and just get a mistress like a real Maine politician??? Zumba is was more RL than the sick fantasy of WoW, right?

As always, this got me to thinking. What games have you ever played, you sick freaks???

Perhaps you played Pac-Man at some point in your life? Just an innocent bit of fun, right?


Your in-game persona is a pill-popping dude who gets off on killing ghosts. Maine needs a candidate in the real world.

What about Spy Hunter? You drive a car equipped with built-in guns and shoot people off the road! Maine needs a candidate in the real world.

Hell, what about Monopoly? You’re a greedy bastard who even forces his own family out of their homes and onto the gritty streets. Maine needs a candidate in the real world.

Make no mistake about it. Clearly anyone who plays games (or ever has) is dangerously unstable and unfit to serve in the state senate. Speaking of which, I wonder how many of them in there right now were ever on the football team. Can we afford not to find out? What we don’t know could kill us. These people control the Maine militia!

As we know now, all games come from Satan. Perhaps the most famous game of all-time to embrace these dark arts is Dungeons and Dragons. It is from this source that all other forms of gaming are derived. Including games like Candy Land, Chutes and LaddersStarcraft, Diablo and yes, even the pinnacle of all worldly evil, World of Warcraft itself.

You can’t afford to not educate yourself about this issue. So I’ve found a short video that will pull back the curtain on this dangerous sport that has likely infected the minds of young people you know with the diabolical plans of Satan himself.

Be afraid but you must still click and watch the video below. This is one time when the light of knowledge may be the only thing that saves your eternal soul. You can thank me later.

Godspeed to the good people reading this post and godspeed to the people of the great state of Maine who find their everlasting souls in danger of eternal peril.

WARNING: The following video contains graphic scenes of actual Dungeons and Dragons gameplay. It is not for the feint of heart.

2 responses

  1. Great. So now Republicans are afraid of both fiction AND fact. They are living in a fantasy world. *snicker*


    1. Their response to this was pretty evil IMHO. Issues? We don’t need no sticking issues!


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