Hyppo and Critter: Rude Dude

4 responses

  1. How rude! Uncalled for rudeness is just rude. I’ll rue the day I’m ever rude to you, Guru. If it happens, just put me in my place. Just not rudely. 😉


    1. I don’t think you’d ever be rude to me, but the one time you did, I was so happy.


  2. Very cute and thought provoking cartoon this week, my friend.

    Rudeness is a matter of perspective. Societal norms and personal preferences all play a role in determining what is rude. I was taught that to burp at the dinner table was rude. In some other households, it is considered a compliment to the cook.


    1. You are very perceptive. That’s exactly the kind of thoughts I was struggling with that prompted this post. See, I find almost everything to be rude. I have my own specialized version of what is right and wrong. I’ll expound on this in a bit when I have more time.


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