End Times: Strange Phenomenon #photography

Today I offer two photographs for your consideration. Two shots from Takerville that prove the End Times are nigh upon us. Shot one is entitled Invading Cloud and the other is called Colorful Death Ray.

Don’t look unless you are mentally prepared to deal with the ramifications. The rest of you can keep your heads buried in the sand like always.

Deadly phenomenon seen hovering over my house right before The Incident.

I know this was deadly. I was hit and smiled for the briefest of moments. Horrors!

4 responses

  1. A smile AND not sleeping. Maybe Mrs. Abyss isn’t the only one who went under a knife. Have you checked “down below” just to make sure you left the hospital with all your original parts? 😉


  2. Who knew you had such a good eye?


    1. I don’t know. Who knew you could lie so well? 🙂


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