Word Association Demonstration

With righteous indignation and without provocation, I will strive to cause vexation in response to your supplication.



I shall swallow irritation to cause infuriation, exasperation, and with any luck, a pulsation of altercation.

Thanks for witnessing this commination demonstration.

Today’s piece of surreal intonation brought to you by word association with the random word “demonstration.” I had a brief bout of being out of ideas and didn’t want to go political. Again.

Click this button for a full refund.

/got nothing

4 responses

  1. Even when you got nothing, you got something. Hope it’s not contagious.


    1. My nerves are so raw right now they contain salmonella.


  2. I’m off to shoot a banana.


    1. You know, I had so much fun with Google Image Search while writing this post. My initial idea was “exploding tomato.” Don’t ask me how the hell I came up with that. The images were fun but I couldn’t find just the right one.

      Then, out of the blue, I tried “exploding mango” and discovered a whole new genre.

      Finally, “exploding banana” produced an image I felt I could incorporate into the theme of this post.

      Don’t forget to film your efforts. Hint: The trick is to pull the trigger and push the shutter release on your camera almost simultaneously. I found this rather hard to do.


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