Forest Grump #photography

Somewhere in the world is a road that winds its way through an incredible forest. We were passing through and my wife knew of a place where there was a single parking spot by a trail that led into that forest. One moment we were in a beautiful sunny day and the next we were in an ancient world of earthy smells where sunlight couldn’t reach the forest floor, cool air tingled our skin, sounds were strangely muted and we were surrounded by a thousand shades of green.

“I think we’re in The Hobbit trilogy,” I muttered wisely.

I’m not saying these are good photographs. They do nothing to communicate the totality of what it was like to be in that truly unique environment. But they’re all I’ve got so I’m still going to share.

The trail leading in.

I don’t think we’re the first ones here. This is the “grump” part.

Human spore. I bet there’s a good reason why God hasn’t provided me with a time machine and a sniper rifle.

A tree that was hit by lightning still fighting the good fight.

I unluckily stumbled into a patch of these.

Life finds a way. Here a mushroom hugs a tree.

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  1. For some reason your photos aren’t loading on WP. Maybe it’s me. It’s probably me.

    So I’ll use my imagination and say they all look really neat and super interesting.


    1. I bet your imagination is way more lifelike and interesting. 🙂


  2. Okay, now they loaded. You must have turned into a little wood nymph on this sojourn into the forest taking your photographs. A Deet-smelling little wood nymph. 🙂


    1. Funny you mention Deet. My wife complained of something on her neck. It was nature! I batted the thing away but told her it was the flying scorpion. Wow, what good times we had.


  3. […] Not too long ago I took a wee trip to an old-growth forest where I frolicked in a shady glen with frisky elves. (See: Forest Grump.) […]


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