Twitter down low

“Twitter is currently down for <%= reason %>.”

And I was going to say something pithy, too. Oh well. You all have to suffer deprivation. Don’t thank me. Thank Twitter.

To add insult to injury I was told that my tweets were “forbidden” when trying to send them from my iPod. I had to turn to Google to learn that it was actually the whole world that was affected. Thanks for making me feel bad, Twitter. You might want to look into an error response that doesn’t blame the user when it’s actually your fault.

#twitter #fail

5 responses

  1. What gets me is the “whoops, you already tweeted that.” As far as I can remember my short-term memory is still in tiptop shape. As is the rest of me. 😉


    1. Too bad, really. Everything you say say really should be sent out twice twice.


      1. *snort* Damn…I really wish I had the time to get back to blogging and tweeting just so you can make me laugh. Once the reno is over…*sigh*


  2. Isn’t forbidden Xhosa for encouraged?


    1. You operate on levels. I don’t. I’m sure this is brilliant and pithy whatever it means. 🙂


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