[Photography] Mother and Baby Seal – Dinner Time

Mother and Baby Seal

A photo I took while on vacation recently. This capture was obtained in the wild. It was not taken in an aquarium or otherwise staged.

Seals are mammals and therefore produce milk. Here we see a mother nursing her pup.

6 responses

  1. Cool shot.

    Ever had seal cheese?


    1. Thanks! I happened to be in the right place at the right time (walking on water) and squeezed off a lucky shot.

      I’m sure seal cheese is delicious since it comes from a marine animal. Unlike goat cheese which comes from, well, a goat.

      Personally I prefer cheeses made from the milk of cats and rats.

      I’ve always found it a bit odd that merely the milk capacity of the animal involved dictates our cheese predilections and tastes. How lucky we are that we prefer cheese made from the milk of a cow!


  2. Ya, but tastes a little salty dontcha think?


    1. Yes, and expensive.

      The stool they sit on to milk the seal is so low.


  3. Fantastic Photo! The mother looks like she’s smiling. 🙂


    1. Thanks. I thought so, too.


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