Daily Archives: July 9th, 2012

Got Nothing? “The Other Guy Sucks”

Old man chauffeured in harsh sunlight.

Hey, Mitt Romney. Whatcha doin’?

“Coasting to the White House.”

Is that anything like sailing the waters off the coast of Somalia? Watch out for pirates.

I guess there are a couple of ways you can go about getting to the White House. One is to have better ideas than your opponent. To challenge your opponent in the marketplace of ideas with a superior product.

Another might be a buoyant leadership and spirit of charisma.

There’s yet another way, though. The Romney way. The Wall Street Journal called it “coasting.” I’ve previously referred to it as Backin’ Up. Recently conservative pundit Bill Kristol lamented that the Romney campaign won’t come out with specifics about economic growth, deficit reform, health care reform, tax reform and replacing Dodd-Frank. He accused the Romney campaign of believing, “No need for any of that.”

A headline on the Huffington Post claims, “Mitt Romney Taking Heat From Prominent Republicans Over Play-It-Safe Approach.”

An article on Time.com noted that Romney, in pursuit of the presidency, is being “vague.”

Methinks I’m noticing a trend.

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