Hyppo and Critter: Heat Wave


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  1. Here are some fun links. I’m looking for a report on this summer’s European weather. I think it’s been cooler and wetter than normal. Maybe we can export some heat.


    1. Interesting links. Of course human memory is one of the frailest things around. I hope you got my little joke, though. Basing opinions about climate change on how the weather looks out one’s window is probably not the most scientific approach around. 🙂


  2. Hell. Yes.
    C’MON SNOW!!!


    1. Winter kicks ass on summer! Bring on global chillin’!


  3. You’re not supposed to notice that.


    1. I’ve literally had people look outside, point to the snow, and say, “Where’s your global warming now?”

      I respond, “It’s called winter. It happens every year.”


  4. Yeah, it’s not all over. While most places are getting too hot in America, the Pacific Northwest has been getting wetter and colder. We finally got our first nice sunny summer day yesterday! Right now, it’s cloudy again, and it rained last night. We usually get the same weather as England. But that doesn’t matter. For the majority of America, it’s roasty-toasty.


    1. It’s all cyclical, I think. The question still on the table (and not decided IMHO) is if humans have an impact on the weather, and if so, what is it? I personally think the question is too complex for us to know one way or the other for sure. So I distrust either side that claims they have all the answers.


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