A Case of the Twitters

Twitter is down today in an evil plot to deny you my pith.

It seems like only yesterday I was waxing poetic about the suckiness of their technology. Am I prescient or what?

It’s the curse of the guru. Yes, I’m taking credit.

My pith on Twitter will resume when their techs get back from break. Someone’s getting fired.

6 responses

  1. Brilliant! I get the irony.


    1. I wish I was that clever.

      I wrote this post on my iPod where my fingers are much fatter than the tiny little virtual keys some brainiac Apple scientist actually expected us to use.

      I have updated this post with my brilliant writing although I’m sure it was much more brilliant when I kept my trap shut.



  2. …or getting promoted…


    1. If I worked there then the idiots moving up would be moving up, yes. I’ve come to the conclusion that I cause that effect.


  3. Huh? You are the cleverest man on this planet. Apple recruiters are on the road heading to your hometown as I write this on my iPod…to offer you the position of head guru of grouchiness. The pay sucks but then you’re used to that. 😉


    1. You actually write on your iPod? Wow. You’re truly a glutton for punishment.

      The paradox is that as the Head Guru of Grouchiness I’d still probably be the best boss in the company. I’d treat my people right.


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