John Lennon’s Phantom of the Opera

I imagine how The Phantom of the Opera might be different if it was written by John Lennon.

9 responses

  1. Okay — that’s pretty good.


    1. I shall visit your tomb and place a single red rose.


  2. This is spectacular!


    1. It’s true. I’m past the point of no return.


  3. By the way, true story, I drew this image myself. (Based on the famous album cover, of course.) Mad art skills.

    This post now updated with video goodness so hopefully more people get the joke. 🙂


  4. I confess I didn’t get the Daas’ reference, but who cares. It was still brilliant even to an outsider like me. You did an awesome job with the drawing, combining two cultural icons in an extremely inventive way, even if I didn’t get all of the joke. Yoko Ono might not approve at first that you hijacked John’s iconic signature, but then she would surely evolve to see that it carries on in John’s iconoclastic tradition by fusing two icons into one new icon. Do I get a prize for the most use of “icon” in a single comment?


    1. I’m sorry, icon hear you. 🙂

      Thanks for the setup. Ba-dum-bump.

      So yeah, I drew that myself. No insult or infringement towards intellectual property was intended. That’s why I redrew it in my own hand rather than using copy-and-paste. It doesn’t even begin to capture my original vision, but that’s because I’m a drooling moron and untalented idiot. I’m sure someone with genuine artistic skill could have imparted much more meaning into it. I pretty much hate the way it turned out, but at least the John Lennon art of reminiscent of the original.

      Nice iconic comment!


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